New Perspectives Through 3D Printing

The prototype casting company Grunewald in Bocholt, Germany, invested in a 3D sand printer made by ExOne at the end of 2018. After more than a year, the payoff has been substantial.

3D Printing for Classic Cars

Automotive restoration company relies on ExOne’s exclusive binder jet 3D printing to reproduce obsolete parts for classic cars.

HV3DWorks LLC and ExOne

A client restoring a 1921 Kissel Gold Bug Speedster for the 2018 Pebble Beach Concours d’ Elegance in Monterey California, needed to have a full set of four hood latches recreated.

HV3DWorks LLC and ExOne

The client was in need of replacement parts for the top section of a Weber 40 DFI-6 carburetor for a vintage 1969 Ferrari 365 GT 2+2 V-12 engine.

HV3DWorks LLC and ExOne

A customer in Australia needed to have a Corteco fuel pump body reproduced for use on a 1951 Alfa Romeo 6c 2500 engine.

Humtown Products and ExOne

How 3D printing transformed a family-owned manufacturer.

Case Study: Humtown Products

Oak Ridge National Laboratory and ExOne

3D printed core saves thousands in tooling costs and reduces lead time by weeks, compared to traditional manufacturing.

Shapeways and ExOne

A Metal 3D Printing Partnership for 10 Years and Counting

Andritz Ritz

Streamline product development with patternless process.

What is Binder Jetting?

Binder Jetting is an additive manufacturing process in which a liquid binding agent is selectively deposited to join powder particles.

Decorative Art

True Design Freedom for Art & Decorative Applications.


ExOne has produced 3D printed metal filter components for strainers and metallic filter applications.


ExOne offers a variety of finishes for 3D printing.

Fixture Manufacturer

Additive manufacturing offered a global kitchen and bath fittings manufacturer a faster way to develop new products.

German Automaker

German automotive manufacturer needed a way to quickly and economically produce complex prototypes.


3D metal printing made it easy for ideas2cycles to meet customer needs with reduced tooling and labor.

JBH Innovations

Inventor of tools shaved months off lead time and gained freedom for on-the-fly changes with the flexibility of ExOne 3D printing.

MiMtechnik GmbH

ExOne Innovent+ printer rapidly produces new product in 1 week—traditional metal injection molding, 10 - 14 weeks.


Improve quality control and extend part life with additive manufacturing.

Morel Industries

Complex digital core cuts lead time in half & saves thousands.

Neenah Foundry

3D printed core saves thousands in tooling costs and reduces lead time by weeks.

Pump Manufacturer

Save significant time and cost in spare part production.

Pump Manufacturer Impeller Prototype

Reduce impeller prototype costs up to 90% and decrease lead time by weeks.

PumpWorks Castings LLC

Complex mold production reduces lead time by 9 weeks & saves thousands.

Sand Mold Casting Applications

3D Printing Molds and Cores for Sand Casting Offers Design Freedom and Improved Efficiency

Speed Mold Co Ltd

ExOne® 3D printing technology reproduced damaged impeller with high efficiency.

Standard Alloys

Manufacture a 57 inch impeller without a core box with ExOne's rapid casting process.

ToughWare Prosthetics

Gain 10x reduction in cost and consistent delivery schedules.


Extend part life & reduce costs with additive manufacturing.

US Navy Compression Pumps

Reverse engineer compressor pump castings with 43 week reduction in lead time and 40% cost savings.

US Navy Naval Undersea Warfare Center

Cut costs, improve quality & shorten lead time on production.

Wicked Grips

ExOne produces small, nonfunctional parts for firearm applications.

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