3D Printing Solutions for
High-Scrap Assembled Cores 

ExOne Case Study

Kore Mart adopts S-Max® binder jet sand 3D printing system for top-quality serial production of complex monolithic cores  

Kore Mart knew 3D printing would play an important role in the future of the foundry. The core shop has seen plenty of foundries not keep up with the technology they need to advance, and ultimately shut down. So the Kore Mart team followed cutting-edge innovations within the industry and actively investigated binder jetting technology.

“We invested the last eight years in modernizing our company, from the people to the processes,” Witmyer said. “We’ve reached a point now where our team is very young, intelligent, and forward thinking; our equipment and processes are state-of-the-art. Installing an ExOne S-Max is a major milestone in our company’s innovative vision.”

Greg Witmyer,
Kore Mart

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