X1 Tooling

Fast. Affordable. Local. ExOne now offers the broadest range of 3D printed tooling available, for metals, plastics, composites, foams and more.

Optimize your product development lifecycle, start production while traditional tooling is being made, or eliminate the need for traditional tooling in low- to medium-volume production applications. You can also feel good that our tooling is made with less waste, shipping, and energy.

ExOne’s range of tooling solutions enables on-demand tool production with quick turnarounds and at costs lower than traditional processes. Whether leveraging the innovative options of our sand systems or direct metal 3D printing, our full range of additive manufacturing options allow you to create unique geometries, iterate quickly, and test functional prototypes to improve your product and get to market faster and cheaper.

X1 SandCast

ExOne's market-leading sand 3D printers quickly and accurately produce even the most complex sandcasting molds and cores. Trusted for more than 20 years, ExOne sand printers are unparalleled premium machine tools that deliver innovative designs faster with organic geometries and consolidated core assemblies that improve the quality and increase the complexity of your products.

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X1 ThermoForm

On-demand tooling for thermoforming, vacuum forming, or other compression tooling applications delivers tools more durable than other low-cost options that are able to withstand high temperatures, multiple hits, or even allow for full vacuum to be pulled in the forming process, all without delamination or failure.

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X1 Layup

Get to composite layup faster with our patented infiltrated sand solutions. Whether low-cost prototyping or premium production tools, our layup molds delivers complex geometries durable enough to withstand the temperatures and pressures of autoclave with a low CTE and fast turnaround time.

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X1 Washout

Eliminate the expense, lead time and manufacturing challenges associated with production of composite parts with trapped geometries. X1 Washout tooling is an easy and sustainable process for creating a sacrificial core to produce hollow objects in composite materials. We simply 3D print your form in sand and then apply a proprietary infiltrant and coating to your tool that simply washes away with tap water after standard layup and autoclaving.

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X1 MetalTool

Binder jet metal 3D printing can replace machined metal molds for plastic injection molding, blow molding, foam molding, and more without the long lead times and high machining costs of traditional tools. What's more, you can often cut cycle times by 30-50%. This technology also enables direct metal print end-of-arm-tool, tool inserts and more. Durable materials such as 420i, stainless steels, M2 and H13 tool steels, enables durable tooling in optimized and lightweight geometries.

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