Binder Jet 3D Printing Enables 
Higher Quality Production of 
Automotive Seating Mold Tooling

ExOne Case Study

Millions of automotive seats and other interior components benefit from Dundee Castings’ investment in binder jetting to deliver updated tooling designs

Today, all the seat foam molds produced at Dundee Castings use ExOne binder jetting technology and that the shift has improved quality and enabled more complex mold designs that give the automakers increased design freedoms.

“Anything we’ve done in the past five years has come off the sand 3D printer,” said Austin Crawley, Program Manager at Dundee Castings, emphasizing the shift of the entire industry in this direction because of the many benefits, which also includes higher efficiency and freedom to easily change designs and eliminate storage of patterns. All designs are now stored digitally on a computer instead of the warehouse.

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