X1 MetalTool

Traditionally machined tools require long leads times and are limited at incorporating advanced geometries, such as conformal cooling channels or organic, lightweight designs. 

X1 MetalTool 420iReplace machined metal molds for blow molding, foam molding, EOAT and more by directly 3D printing metal tooling with ExOne. Produced without the long lead times of machined tooling and at a lower cost than laser-based additive manufacturing, binder jetting quickly creates tooling with complex designs for and internal features for high productivity production. 


  • Variety of materials, including 420i, stainless steels, H13, and other tool steels
  • Freedom of design to incorporate features such as internal cooling channels that reduce cooling cycle times or topology optimized designs to produce lighter weight tools
  • Directly print metal parts to MPIF standard 35


Lightweight EOAT with a unique design only achievable with additive manufacturing and produced at one-fourth the price of laser powder bed fusion. Read the case study.

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