3D Printing Service and Support

Individualized support gets your new 3D printer set up quickly, with minimal impact to existing processes for optimal productivity. 

We want to make 3D printer installation and adoption as seamless as possible, which is why our ExOne® Adoption Center (EAC) was established.

3D Printing Specialists

EAC pairs you with our specialists to print and test components in detail and ensure they are meeting the desired quality and properties. We’ll review your manufacturing process, binder types, molding media and more to provide the optimal 3D printing support based on the requirements you may have for your finished product characteristics. We also have customer service standing by to answer questions about a parts-on-demand order or 3D printer maintenance.

3D Printer Installation

Our 20 years' of experience lends credence to the quality of our professional assembly and installation to ensure your new machine runs effectively and efficiently. When our service technicians come onsite to setup your 3D printer, they work diligently to fully integrate the new equipment with your system. A general training program is also provided at 3D printer installation. To date, we have installed over 300 3D printing machines globally.

3D Printer Maintenance

Our 3D printer maintenance supports consistent machine performance over time. We manage maintenance according to our test record specifications to uphold our high-quality standards for production. With regular 3D printer maintenance, any wear and tear can be recognized in advance, documented, and immediately rectified as required.

If you need a service technician on-site, we’re standing by with around-the-clock 3D printing support as needed. Throughout our relationship with you we’ll pair you with the right team member for your system needs and develop a reaction time customized to your business.

3D Printing Support

Need to get a hold of us quickly? As part of our individual service agreements, you will receive 3D printing support during the life of your equipment. You will have access to our experts, who can provide around-the-clock guidance and answers to questions over the phone. We can answer any questions you have about process settings, materials and binders, finishing options, system functionality and more.

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