How Sand 3D Printing Transformed
a Family-Owned Manufacturer

ExOne Case Study

Cutting-Edge Additive Manufacturing Pays Off for Ohio Company

Humtown Products, a third-generation family-owned business in Ohio, has transformed its outlook for the future with sand 3D printers from ExOne. 

In seven years, it has grown to 13 large-platform S-Max binder jetting systems, and business is booming.

Humtown Products 3D prints sand molds and cores for global manufacturers and their foundries, who use the parts to pour precision metal castings for cars, airplanes, agricultural equipment and more.

In this case study, you will learn:

  • The benefits of 3D printing sand molds and cores compared to traditional methods
  • How 3D printing sand molds and cores saves time and eliminates waste
  • The new business opportunities associated with 3D printing, such as complex, consolidated cores that require no assembly

"You have to look ahead in your industry to be in the next space, so you don't end up being out of space. We could see that 3D sand printing had advanced to where we needed to take a risk. When I saw this, I could see there was a better future."

- Mark Lamoncha, President, Humtown Products

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