Traditional Pattern Shop Uses Binder Jetting for Hybrid Tooling

ExOne Case Study

Binder jetting enables on-demand manufacturing for a robust production mix and hybrid tooling for efficient, precision results.

Traditionally, Liberty Pattern supported foundries in the aerospace industry with hard tooling, so its team of patternmakers are used to high-quality standards and rapid innovation cycles. With ever-increasing complexity in casting designs, demand from Liberty’s customers for binder jetting technology grew. In 2017, the pattern shop invested in its first sand 3D printer, the ExOne S-Max - today the team runs four of the binder jetting systems. 

While about a quarter of the capacity of the company’s four S-Max systems run serial production jobs, the flexibility of binder jetting allows Liberty Pattern to provide top-quality services to a wide range of customers and applications.

With the flexibility of the S-Max machines to print on-demand, Liberty’s customers realized tooling was no longer needed, often asking, “Why would I take the time to build another core box when you guys can print these so efficiently?”

Download the case study to learn about the reduced-assembly cores Liberty Pattern prints with binder jetting to produce hybrid tooling for the most complex castings.

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