The Leader in 3D Printed Sandcasting Molds and Cores

On-demand 3D printing streamlines product development iterations with a freedom of design for increased complexity and fast turnarounds allowing you to order what you need, when you need it.

X1 SandCast: Fast Turnarounds Without Patterns or Tooling

If you’re looking to accelerate your product development and production timelines, ExOne sand printing technology helps provide the casting molds and cores you need for prototypes or serial production. 

Binder jet 3D printing creates complex casting molds and cores on a tight schedule, helping bring products to market faster while maintaining detail and uniformity. With the digital workflow, we print directly from CAD files and can even help reverse-engineer and recreate casting molds and cores for lost patterns, outdated parts that are no longer available on the market, or replacement products with a high OEM price.  The design freedom of binder jetting creates complex, consolidated cores that can't be manufactured any other way and enables the integration of organic rigging features to improve quality.

Foundries have successfully implemented ExOne sand 3D printers for serial production of molds and cores around the world for over a decade. OEMs looking to test functional parts and iterate quickly, foundries looking to improve first-pour success rates, and manufacturers who want to improve product quality and reduce scrap rates all turn to X1 SandCast additively manufactured cores and mold packages start pouring in days rather than months.

Whether you're looking for a few sand molds or cores, or to purchase a machine, ExOne can help you get started.


  • Get to market faster without waiting for conventional tooling. Deliver castings in days rather than weeks or months.
  • The freedom of design afforded by 3D printing enables more complex cores as well as organic rigging and risers. Take advantage of the digital workflow to iterate designs and produce castings without tooling investments by printing directly from CAD files.
  • We offer a range of services including virtual castings, solidification modeling, and optimized rigging and riser geometries that enhance your design to achieve done-in-one castings.

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As a full-service provider, ExOne works with customers every step of the way from design optimization to high-quality printing services with a network of sand printers around the world for fast turnarounds.