Foundry sand 3D printing on an ExOne S-Max Pro

Sand 3D Printing Success Stories

Foundries are using ExOne binder jet technology to dramatically cut lead times, eliminate scrap, and reduce assembly labor needs while casting complex designs with a digital workflow

3D printed molds and cores are the future of metalcasting, allowing foundries to pour increasingly complex geometries or design organic rigging to improve pour quality - all with lead times measured in days, not weeks. Hear from our customers around the world how they successfully implemented sand binder jetting from ExOne to transform their businesses, 

Humtown Products, a third-generation family-owned business, has transformed its outlook with ExOne sand 3D printers that open new business opportunities, such as complex, consolidated cores that require no assembly.

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In 2013 Hoosier Pattern purchased its first ExOne S-Max, making it the first pattern shop in North America to own and operate a sand 3D printer in-house. Today, Hoosier operates three S-Max and one S-Max Pro binder jetting systems.   

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Swiss iron foundry Eisengiesserei Mezger expanded its services with the S-Max Pro, semi-automated desanding station, and remote monitoring app from ExOne, allowing them to grow while operating with less labor.

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With nine decades of experience in sandcasting innovation, Kimura Foundry America places sand binder jetting at the core of its business to deliver top-quality rapid prototypes in their patented ceramic sand.

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Xylem, the world-leading water technology company, simplifies production of impellers with ExOne binder jet 3D printing. Impellers with 3D printed cores improve quality while decreasing production costs around 30%.

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Sand 3D printers from ExOne support sandcasting applications across a range of industries, allowing our customers to rapidly innovate and enhance designs by producing complex molds and cores in just days without tooling.

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Bring a Sand 3D Printer In-House

ExOne binder jetting can help foundries reduce delivery times and labor requirements. Learn more about the cost of binder jet 3D printing. 


Sand 3D Printing Services  

A low-risk option to start with 3D printing or for production support, our foundry 3D printers produce sand cores and molds on-demand.


OneCast Design & Engineering  

Our experts pair virtual design and casting simulation with 3D printed mold and core packages for done-in-one pour complex casting development.



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