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ExOne industrial 3D printers are designed to manage more complicated designs, develop complex parts and serve diverse applications. With the purchase of a sand or metal industrial 3D printer, our customers have the full partnership and support of our skilled technicians and consultants.

Desktop Metal to Acquire ExOne

BOSTON & NORTH HUNTINGDON, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Desktop Metal, Inc. (NYSE: DM) (“Desktop Metal”) and The ExOne Company (NASDAQ: XONE) (“ExOne”) announced today they have entered into a definitive agreement pursuant to which Desktop Metal will acquire all of the issued and outstanding shares of ExOne common stock.

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ExOne Qualifies 6061 Aluminum With Ford Motor Co.

ExOne has announced that aluminum alloy 6061 is now a Customer-Qualified material in collaboration with Ford Motor Co. In a co-funded project, ExOne and Ford have developed a new patent-pending process to binder jet and sinter the material, delivering rapid and repeatable results: 99% density and material properties comparable to die casting. With this achievement, ExOne now offers 23 metal, ceramic and composite materials, including 12 single-alloy metals.

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Introducing the X1 160Pro™

Our largest and most advanced metal binder jetting system for sustainable, high-quality production.

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Introducing X1 25Pro®

The latest innovation in metal 3D binder jet printing from ExOne. Increased build size and volumetric output are designed to match larger production scales with consistency. The X1 25Pro® is designed to leverage innovative materials with improved green strength.

X1 25Pro® System Detail

Introducing the S-Max® Pro

The S-Max® Pro impresses with its speed, reliability and precision - whether in prototyping or in industrial series production. The S-Max Pro is the solution to the production of complex parts made of various casting materials for the 3D sand printing of the digital foundry of tomorrow.

S-Max® Pro System Detail

3D Printing Technology

At ExOne®, we rapidly solve our customers’ toughest problems through agile, innovative 3D printing solutions. Using Binder Jetting technology, an additive manufacturing process, to selectively join a binding agent with industrial-grade powder particles, ExOne 3D printers create a custom finished product from a 3D CAD file using metal, sand, or ceramic materials.

Our 3D printing technology is capable of handling complexity beyond what is possible with traditional manufacturing technology approaches. Plus, design modifications can be made on the 3D CAD file in seconds and reprinted without complicated and expensive changes. With a high print speed and endless part geometry, ExOne is your optimal choice for printing cost-effective, customized parts using industrial-grade materials.

Ford Motor Co.

“This is a breakthrough in making 3D printed and sintered parts for the auto industry. ... High-speed aluminum 3D printing paves the way for other opportunities that we’re just now starting to take a look at because of the ability to do complex parts with aluminum that previously weren’t possible. It’s really opening doors for other opportunities.”

Harold Sears, Ford technical leader for additive manufacturing


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