The Benefits of Hybrid Mold and Core Production with 3D Sand Printing

ExOne White Paper

A comprehensive report documenting the market drivers and benefits of a hybrid production strategy

Foundries worldwide are increasingly adopting a hybrid production strategy that pairs conventional production of sand molds with 3D-printed sand cores using binder jetting technology. The change is being driven by rapidly evolving global market conditions that are driving new levels of part complexity combined with the wide range of business and technical benefits offered by this modern approach.  

Despite the increasing adoption of this hybrid production strategy, many foundries may not be fully knowledgeable about the approach, how easy it is to integrate into conventional operations, and how the strategy helps businesses remain competitive to thrive into the future.  

This comprehensive report documents the market drivers and benefits of a hybrid production strategy with interviews from foundries that have implemented the strategy supplemented by scientific literature that documents the benefits of hybrid mold and core production.

In this white paper, you'll discover:

  • Drivers of the hybrid production strategy: Changing market conditions and foundry challenges
  • The hybrid mold and core manufacturing processes
  • The benefits of hybrid mold and core production
  • Exemplary works of foundries that have been successfully implementing the hybrid mold and core production in their casting business  


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