Looking Ahead to the Next 150 Years
with 3D Printing

ExOne Case Study

Waupaca Foundry fuses tradition and technology by bringing binder jet sand 3D printing in-house

To stay ahead of the curve, Waupaca Foundry uses additive manufacturing to deliver more value to its customers, solving quality issues and eliminating supply chain instability in iron casting manufacturing. First utilizing the technology through services offered at leading pattern shops, Waupaca installed its first sand 3D printer at Plant 1 in 2022. With an in-house S-Max® Pro, the foundry is able to automate the core production process and create complex core assemblies as single pieces.  

A turbo housing for a diesel engine, cast with a three-piece core assembly was “an absolute nightmare for scrap,” because manual assembly of the cores created a mess of seams and glue. Since Waupaca switched to 3D printing the turbo housing core as a single piece on the S-Max Pro,  it’s been “smooth sailing.”

Halden Collins
Process Engineer Manager
 Waupaca Foundry

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