Introducing The All-New S-Max Flex

The most affordable sand 3D printer ever offered by ExOne

The S-Max® Flex is the most affordable sand 3D printer to ever be offered by ExOne – the trusted global leader in sand 3D printing technology for sand casting molds and cores. 

Perfect for foundries and pattern shops looking to step into the next era of metalcasting, the ExOne S-Max Flex is a simple and easy-to-use sand printing system with a quick payback. By pairing an industrial robot with an all-new printhead and recoater design worthy of the trusted S-Max name, ExOne — in partnership with new owner Desktop Metal —  created an Additive Manufacturing 2.0 system designed to democratize sand 3D printing for the foundry industry

Designed from the ground up off an existing concept, the S-Max Flex brings Desktop Metal's high-speed patent pending Single Pass Jetting (SPJ) technology to the foundry.

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This new turnkey sand 3D printer was developed to help smaller foundry businesses both survive and thrive into the future. The S-Max Flex allows its owners to offer quick turnaround times on high-quality sand molds and cores regardless of complexity – eliminating the need for traditional core production and assembly, and all the labor, scrap, and complication that comes with it. 

The S-Max Flex keeps foundries competitive by enabling same-day castings of the complex cores becoming increasingly common as manufacturers consolidate and lightweight metal parts for electric cars and a new future.

What's more, this system enables foundries to operate more efficiently, despite labor shortages and supply chain challenges.

Leverages the best expertise of ExOne and Desktop Metal to offer quality at an affordable price

  • An all-new printhead and recoater end effector features Single Pass Jetting and titanium components that help ensure dimensional accuracy across a range of operating conditions
  • Environmental controls and sand drying capabilities to remove variables for consistent material flow and reliable performance
  • Proven industrial robot arm for robust production with precise calibration to provide accuracy better than 100-micron in XYZ space

An accessible sand 3D printer with a simple and reliable user experience

  • All-new printhead mount design eliminates calibration and alignment challenges to maximize utilization and accuracy
  • Desktop Metal Fabricate MFG software to aid users in build box nesting and advanced slicing features to dial in tolerance
  • Remote customer support to diagnose and fix machines through a virtual customer experience

Priced to help you invest with confidence and grow in the future

  • Free yourself from the build box with a flexible robotic architecture that's easy to service, upgrade, and scale for larger part requirements
  • Customizable safety system to ensure secure working conditions or easy integration into existing setups
  • Highly affordable with quick payback, even when printing just a few days a week

Easy-install kinematic printhead

Telescoping job box

Efficient core and mold production

Spotlight on CastExpo

The S-Max Flex sand 3D printer made its debut at CastExpo, bringing the benefits of digital sandcasting straight to foundry men and women. Watch the highlights from Columbus, Ohio at North America's largest metalcasting event.  

Webinar on Demand

In this webinar we explore the economics of integrating a digital workflow with 3D printing to help get products to market faster, made locally, and with fewer labor requirements. Learn where sand 3D printing is a fit the foundry and get an introduction to the S-Max Flex robotic 3D printing system.

In the News:

TCT Magazine previews the new ExOne S-Max Flex, set to debut at CastExpo 2022. The robotic sand 3D printer features Desktop Metal's patent-pending Single Pass Jetting technology ready to scale additive manufacturing production.

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Job Box
1900 x 1000 x 1000 mm (39.4 x 74.8 x 39.4 in)

Build Rate
Up to 115 l/h

All-new kinematic Single Pass Jetting printhead and recoater assembly designed by Desktop Metal and tested with input from ExOne’s experienced sand 3D printing team

Base Robot
Proven industrial robot enabling a flexible layout and ease of access for routine service and maintenance

Turnkey system configurable to different space requirements

Desktop Metal's easy-to-use Fabricate MFG integration will automatically nest parts within the job box


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