It may not be an important distinction to every 3D printer manufacturer. But at ExOne, we’re proud to say binder jetting systems are cited in close to 100 peer-reviewed technical and scientific articles.

The team at ExOne has worked closely with the R&D communities of universities, colleges and research institutions, such as Oak Ridge National Laboratory, since the company was founded as the ProMetal division of Extrude Hone in 1998.

Partnering with researchers has significantly advanced ExOne’s binder jetting strategies, materials and ancillary processes over the years, by providing critical system feedback from expert users. The ExOne team is always excited to partner with researchers and develop and test new approaches that can advance binder jetting – an important sustainable manufacturing technology for sand, metal, ceramic and composite parts.

Some research has led to important distinctions among different additive manufacturing technologies. For example, “Microstructure and Mechanical Properties Comparison of 316L Parts Produced by Different Additive Manufacturing Processes,” demonstrates the different microstructures delivered by different forms of metal 3D printing, such as laser sintering, electron-beam melting and binder jetting. The paper was delivered delivered in 2017 at 28th Annual International Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium.

Below, you can find a list to some of the research performed with ExOne machines. You can also click this link to see all of the ongoing research available at Science Direct.

Popular Binder Jetting Research Citing ExOne Technologies:

  •  “Mechanical and Material Properties of Castings Produced via 3D Printed Molds” - Additive Manufacturing - 2019 Snelling, Williams, Druschitz – Read the article
  • “Characterization of Inconel 625 Fabricated Using Powder-Bed-Based Additive Manufacturing Technologies” – Journal of Materials Processing Technology, February 2019; J.A. Gonzalez, J. Mireles, S.W. Stafford, M.A. Perez, C.A. Terrazas, R.B. Wicker – Read the article
  • “On the Rapid Manufacturing Process of Functional 3D Printed Sand Molds” - Journal of Manufacturing Processes, June 2019; Saptarshee Mitra, Antonio Rodriguez de Castro, Mohamed El Mansori – Read the article
  • “Bridging Additive Manufacturing and Sand Casting: Utilizing Foundry Sand” – Additive Manufacturing, August 2019; Kevin J. Hodder, Richard J. Chalaturnyk – Read the article
  • “Characterization of Ceramic Components Fabricated Using Binder Jetting Additive Manufacturing Technology” - Ceramics International, July 2016; J.A. Gonzalez, J. Mireles, Y. Lin, R.B. Wickers – Read the article
  • “Binder Jetting of Ceramics: Powders, Binders, Printing Parameters, Equipment, and Post-Treatment” - Ceramics International, July 2019, Xinyuan Lv, Fang Ye, Laifei Cheng, Shangwu Fan, Yongsheng Liu – Read the article
  • “Binder Jetting of a Complex-Shaped Metal Partial Denture Framework” – Additive Manufacturing, May 2018; Amir Mostafaei, Erica L. Stevens, John J. Ference, David E. Schmidt, Markus Chmielus – Read the article
  • “Design for Additive Manufacturing: Trends, Opportunities, Considerations, and Constraints” – CIRP Annals, 2016 – Read the article
  • “Design, Fabrication and Testing of Discrete 3D Sand-Printed Floor Prototypes” – materialstoday, June 2018; M. Rippmann, A. Liew, T. Van Mele, P. Block – Read the article
  • “Effect of Layer Thickness and Orientation on Mechanical Behavior of Binder Jet Stainless Steel 420 + Bronze Parts” - Procedia Manufacturing, Volume 1, 2015;  Michael Doyle, Kuldeep Agarwal, Winston Sealy, Kevin Schull – Read the article
  • “Reduced Consumption of Materials and Hazardous Chemicals for Energy Efficient Production of Metal Parts Through 3D Printing of Sand Molds” – Journal of Cleaner Production, July 2019, Tharmalingam Sivarupan, Meet Upadhyay, Yahia Ali, Mohamed El Mansori, Matthew DarguschRead the article

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