This article appeared in the March 27th issue of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven dozens of local manufacturers to change around their current production to make desperately needed supplies for the medical industry. 

“Out of all of this, there will be a number of transformations that happen from COVID-19,” predicted Mark Thomas, president of the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance. “I think real-time manufacturing and retooling will be a new part of American [industry]”. 

3D manufacturers are seen as a major player in this transformation as with their ability to change direction very quickly. 

“This is their opportunity,” Mr. Thomas said. “This demand is creating an entirely new ecosystem.”

“We had a conversation with a company on Monday regarding a new approach,” said ExOne CEO John Hartner, on Thursday. “Tuesday we had a conversation again with them regarding their design. And we’re hoping to print the first parts as a trial today."

“It’s a response to this crisis, but this is showing how 3D printing can be part of the solution.”

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