2D Collimator 3D Printed in 
Enriched Boron Carbide with
ExOne Binder Jetting

ExOne Case Study

Researchers at JJ X-Ray to advance 2D collimation with the design freedom of ExOne binder jet technology to 3D print technical ceramics

Common collimator designs based on blades inherently collimate in only one dimension. Design freedom and material flexibility afforded by ExOne binder jetting enable research into new collimator designs to advance neutron scattering experiments for microstructure characterization of liquids and solids.

Download the case study to learn more about the enriched boron carbide (10B4C) collimator and how JJ X-Ray is pushing the design limits with curved structures, thinner walls, and tapered channels.

“We expect the advanced, intricate designs we can achieve with 3D printed collimators to open up new research opportunities and develop the field further.”

Dr. Isja de Feijter
Application Specialist
JJ X-Ray

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