Our Process

The ExOne® process, which utilizes binder jetting technology with industrial materials, gives traditional manufacturers an opportunity to reduce costs, lower the risk of trial and error and create opportunities for design innovation.

We collaborate with our customers through the entire development and production process so that they are able to materialize new concepts — designs, prototypes, and production parts — precisely when needed.

Production scale is irrelevant and lot quantities of one are just as efficient as lot quantities of one thousand. ExOne offers both the services and the equipment to enable rapid point-of-use manufacturing. We support the use of traditional industrial strength materials ranging from metals to silica sand and ceramics, all used in revolutionary ways. ExOne is the optimal partner for any industrial manufacturer who is transitioning their manufacturing business to the digital age.

Customer Collaboration

Innovation rarely happens in isolation. At the core of our values is the desire to collaborate with our customers throughout their entire development and production process to help them achieve extraordinary success. With our innovative machinery and processes we help them bring new designs to life through prototyping, reduce overhead with more efficient production methods and develop new materials for 3D printing applications that drive the industry forward. ExOne 3D printers enable rapid product development when leveraged in-house with our customers or through on-demand print requests. No matter the scale or complexity of your project, ExOne can help drive you forward.

Innovative Binder Jetting

The proprietary binder jetting technology leveraged by ExOne 3D printing systems was developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1996. Using industrial materials, including metal, silica sand and ceramics, this additive manufacturing technique helps cut costs, reduce risk, enhance finished product characteristics, support innovation and more.

Dependable Acceleration

We’re constantly looking for ways to improve production processes for our customers, and part of that is ensuring they can depend on us for service and support of ExOne 3D printers and on-demand orders. We’re on hand to help edit a design file, print a quick-turn prototype, and install or service an ExOne system, and we feel responsible for our partners’ growth and acceleration. It’s important to us to deliver successful solutions to our clients so their businesses can be more efficient and lead their industries forward. ExOne systems and on-demand printing support customers across sectors, including aerospace, automotive, pump, foundry, energy, and heavy equipment.


Our Clients

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