Build volume (l x w x h)
70.9 x 39.4 x 23.6 in.
(1800 x 1000 x 600 mm)
Volume 39 ft³ (1080 L)
Build speed 2.12 to 3.00 ft3/h (60–85 L/h)
Layer thickness 0.011 to 0.020 in. (280–500 μm)
Print resolution X/Y/Z 0.004 in. (100 μm)
External dimensions (l x w x h)
271.7 x 138.6 x 112.6 in.
(6900 x 3520 x 2860 mm)
Weight 12,787 lbs (5800 kg)
Electrical requirements S-Max+ 400V 3-Phase/N/PE / 50–60 Hz, max. 6.2 kW
Electrical requirements heater 400V 3-Phase/PE / 50–60 Hz, max. 19.2kW
Data interface x1c, x1i

S-Max +TM Industrial Production 3D Printer

The Solution for Large and Robust but Delicate Sand Cores 

The S-Max+™ prints very large, complex sand cores and mold packages for metal casting directly from CAD data, eliminating the need for a physical pattern or tooling. Designed to be used in conjunction with an industrial microwave for curing, this printer supports cores used in high-temperature casting or when intricate details are required. Changes in design can be immediately implemented. The ExOne® 3D printing process economically provides complex molds and cores for industries such as automotive, aerospace, heavy equipment and energy.

Choosing Phenolic binder enables high temperature casting, high flexural strength and extremely thin walls and channels. Silicate binder offers low gas emissions and is an economical, non-hazardous choice for detailed cores. Both binders utilize microwave technology for post-print curing.

S-Max+TM Features

Balancing large scale with flexible binder options.
  • Flexible Batch Production

    Each part can be different (i.e., serial numbers)
    Design changes can be made quickly
    Small production lots
    Eliminates tooling and pattern storage
  • High Productivity

    Large job box size
    Easy unloading with automated transport system
    Simple to use touchscreen interface
    Cores / molds ready for immediate casting
  • Industry-Grade Materials

    Industry-grade mold sands require no changes at foundry
    Suited for light metals, non-ferrous metals, cast iron and steel

  • Suited for Complex Geometry

    Enables printing of intricate cores and complex geometries
    Greater design freedom
  • S-Max+™ Consumables

    ExOne® Phenolic Binder / Cleaner / Activator
    ExOne® Silica Sand
    ExOne® Chromite
    ExOne® Zircon
    ExOne® Activator

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