Parts On Demand

3D printed sand molds and cores or printed metal parts delivered to your door.

How Do I 3D Print?

Parts on Demand are within your reach—simply determine your needs and we’ll take it from there.

ExOne offers full 3D printing contract services through Production Service Centers across the globe. This allows customers the ability to print parts where and when they need them, which is a revolutionary change from traditional manufacturing operations.

Additional services are availablefrom R&D materials development to 3D design. Please browse our Engineering Services section to learn more.


ExOne® Production Service Centers utilize revolutionary binder jetting technology to create Parts on Demand with industrial grade materials. This process eliminates the need for tooling, support structures or build plates, and is a fast and cost-effective process when compared to both traditional and other additive processes. The material sets offered are designed to work with existing industry processes and applications.

Things to Consider Before Printing:

  • Do I need a printed metal part, or printed sand molds or cores for making a casting?

    ExOne offers Parts on Demand using either metal or sand specialty printing systems. Letting us know what your needs are will help us route your quote request most effectively.
  • Will I require a finished casting or other finishing services?

    ExOne® Parts on Demand are “near-net” meaning some finishing may be desired or required, whether for a printed metal part or for a sand casting. ExOne offers a full array of finishing and casting services to meet your needs. Please contact us for details.
  • Will I need assistance with creating a digital file?

    ExOne accepts a wide range of digital modeling file types, though STL is most preferred, and files can be easily uploaded via our Request a Quote form. If you need assistance creating a file that is suitable for 3D printing, please inquire about our design services.
  • How quickly do I need my part(s)?

    Standard lead time for printed sand cores and molds are 5-7 working days. For printed metal parts, 14 working days. Rush services are available.
  • How many do I need?

    The binder jetting process is the most economical choice for 3D printing Parts on Demand. And lots of 1 can be just as efficient as lots of 1,000. Additionally, iterative or individually customized parts can be printed in a single print run.

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