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Whether you are new to 3D printing, or just curious about the specifics of ExOne® technology and its implemented in industry, the ExOne 3D Printing Resources has plenty for you to explore. Specifics about binder jetting, ExOne material offerings, FAQ center, and downloadable literature are all one click away.

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  • Technology
    3D printing is getting a lot of attention in the press and in manufacturing for its ability to revolutionize the design process and drastically reduce time to market for new products. But will it replace traditional manufacturing? And how does ExOne® technology fit into the mix? This section offers an overview of 3D printing, ExOne’s unique binder jetting process, and details the benefits of each.
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  • Materials
    While many 3D printing companies only print in plastics and non-durable materials, ExOne offers a variety of manufacturing quality materials that stand up to industrial use and easy integration into existing processes. Many of these materials are offered through ExOne® production service centers, and others have been tailored for use with our machines for specific customer needs. Explore our materials section to learn more.
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  • Binders
    Binders play a pivotal role in ExOne® 3D printing technology, and the particular binder used can provide varying results depending on customer needs. For metal printing, a proprietary aqueous-based binder is used for most applications. However, for printing sand molds and cores there are three different options: furan, phenolic and silicate.
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  • FAQ
    From detailed questions about surface quality to accepted file types and shipping information, you can likely find the answers to many of your questions in our FAQ knowledge base.
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  • Digital Tour
    Explore ExOne through a self-guided digital tour.
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  • Case Studies
    Explore application success stories from all segments of industry, to understand how binder jetting has helped ExOne customers to print better parts, faster and more cost-effectively.
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  • Literature
    Need to quickly obtain information that you can download for later review? You’ll find all available datasheets on 3D printing materials, machines and supplemental literature here for easy viewing.
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  • News
    Find all the latest on ExOne® materials and systems, and stay up to date by subscribing to our news feed.
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