Other Applications


The ability to easily implement design changes and customization with 3D Printing has led to its application in the manufacture of prosthetics which require easily adaptable design modifications and prototype iterations. ExOne customers have realized significant reduction in costs, the benefits of freedom of design and consistent delivery schedules.

Hand Tool Prototypes

Inventors often require working metal prototypes to better demonstrate their product ideas to manufacturers and retailers. 3D printing can offer them tremendous benefits, and an ideal application of this is for hand tool prototypes. By creating parts directly from 3D models, ExOne® 3D printers eliminate expensive tooling for product development. For hand tool designers, this simplified process eliminates weeks or even months of lead time and minimizes this typically labor-intensive and costly process. Changes in design now require only days and associated costs are minimal, in comparison to traditional methods.

Kitchen and Bath Fittings

Kitchen and bath fittings and fixture manufacturers have taken advantage of the economies of 3D printing for the fast-track production of prototypes and rapid manufacturing of cores, up to 20,000 pieces/year. Printed form sand cores, which were typically produced via tool making for core blowing, have been used to develop brass castings for water faucets and complex elements such as mixer housings and shower arms with reduced time and cost.

In addition, ExOne® printing technology can be found in other applications such as:
  • Drivetrain components
  • Medical prototypes
  • Food processing prototypes
  • Heat exchangers
  • Kitchen and bath fittings and fixtures
  • Outdoor power equipment
  • Reverse engineering
Prosthetics ToughWare PRX

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