After Market/Service Manager

January 23, 2019

Duties and Responsibilities:

This position is a key customer facing position that encompasses machine installation, after sales service, onsite training, and technical support to help customers achieve and maintain a high level of reliability.  The position also provides oversight for the management of supply chain of consumables.

Key Duties
  • Insure new machines and upgrades are completed in a safe, timely, and quality manner so that the machines achieve performance promised at time of sale.  Timeliness means that we meet promised installation and commission dates.
  • Closely collaborate with customers and other ExOne resources to prioritize and solve operational problems at customer’s site after initial installation and commissioning.• Identify and communicate machine elements and features that can/should be improved to enhance machine reliability, productivity, maintainability, and repeatability.  Collaborate with engineering and other disciplines to implement such upgrades as appropriate.
    Specific Duties
  • Manage and lead Service Engineers and the Administrator of Service and Consumables
  • Consistently assess and improve the skill levels of these personnel to improve customer service and meet other department goals and objectives
  • Monitor the department capacity to support machine installations and aftermarket service and take appropriate actions to adjust capacity appropriately
  • Insure that customer related problems are identified, prioritized, and addressed in a timely manner using technical service personnel in other departments and personnel to augment After Market Service personnel as appropriate
  • Assess and improve the After Market Service processes and procedures to enable and improve operational efficiency and timeliness.  This includes the use of technology such as SalesForce.
  • Develop and implement appropriate performance metrics for the departments
  • Develop and implement a strategy to improve the profitability of the department
  • Collaborate with technical personnel regarding machine changes to enhance machine reliability, maintainability, and performance
  • Work with After Market Service personnel to share machine performance data, best practices, and collaborate in problem solving
  • Provide input to machine upgrades and new machine releases throughout the design process
  • Actively provide input to machine sales proposals (new machines, upgrades) from and installation, commissioning, and After Market service perspective.
  • Analyze customer and ExOne machine downtime data to feed proactive problem-solving efforts
  • Integrate and implement training of customer personnel in proper machine set up, cleaning, and maintenance
  • Implement service/maintenance protocol including product offerings, sales, and marketing. 
  • Develop consumable supply agreements with vendors and develop consumable supply protocol including product offers

Minimum Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree from a four-year college in a technical field is required.
  • Strong knowledge in the field of engineering and maintenance is preferred.
  • 5 years of leadership experience
  • Well organized and detail oriented.
  • Demonstrate character, clarity, courage and commitment to high-performance
  • Demonstrated commitment to our fundamental principles of Integrity, Respect, & Excellence.
  • Adhere to the ExOne Code of Conduct
  • Ability to manage many complex projects simultaneously in team environment.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking to take appropriate risk and make sound and timely decisions.
  • Proactively prioritize initiatives and have keen ability to multi-task. 
  • Willingness to travel as needed.

Physical Requirements:

Walk, stand, stoop and reach regularly and sitting for extended periods of time. Ability to maneuver within heavy machinery and manufacturing environment.  Manual dexterity and mobility to perform drafting work and computer operation for extended periods of time.  Clear speech suitable for interpersonal as well as telephone communications.  Visual acuity to perform all duties as described plus, accurate color and depth perception essential.  Physical and mental capability to handle multiple task and deadline requirements, interpersonal and informational conflicts and pressure of responsibility for workplace output.  Agility to climb/crawl over and around large machinery in various types of manufacturing environments.

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It is the policy of The ExOne Company to provide equal employment opportunity to all persons regardless of age, color, disability status, gender, gender identity, gender expression, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, genetic information, veteran status, or any other basis protected by law.