Reverse Engineer Compressor Pump Castings with 43 Week Reduction in Lead Time and 40% Cost Savings

The OEM quoted $29,562 each plus 51 weeks lead time.

Customer Challenge

Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) – Keyport learned of the need for vacuum cone castings used on Ohio-class submarines. There were none in their supply system. The OEM quoted $29,562 each plus 51 weeks lead time.

The Solution

The final castings were delivered to NUWC Keyport in 8 weeks for a cost of only $18,200 each. NUWC Keyport reverse engineered the castings in order to create 3D CAD files, which were used to print a sand mold package with the ExOne digital part materialization process.

ExOne’s Competitive Advantage

Additive manufacturing offers significantly shorter lead times and reduced component cost.

About ExOne

ExOne additive manufacturing technology uses threedimensional printing to create complex molds and cores directly from 3D CAD data for a variety of industries, with accuracies of ± 0.011 in. or ± 0.3mm. The ExOne process achieves geometric complexity and scale unmatched using conventional casting techniques. The process produces accurate, uniform cores and molds rapidly, significantly reducing lead times.