3D Adept Media: Additive Manufacturing - Comparing the potential & limitations of binder jetting and MIM

This article first appeared in 3D Adept Magazine | Issue August 2019

In this comprehensive metal printing article, industry experts share their knowledge of Metal Injection Moulding (MIM), and Binder Jetting technologies, comparing their insight on the potential & limitations of binder jetting and MIM and explain why metal binder jetting is all the buzz now in manufacturing technology. For prospective additive manufacturing users, this article is geared to helping them determine the technology best suited for their needs.

“Applications for MIM and binder jetting are very similar. Since binder jet ting uses the same powders as MIM and the same furnaces, binder jetting produces similar quality parts. Automotive and firearms are the biggest applications for metal binder jet parts currently”, said ExOne’s CEO, John Hartner.

Click here to read the original article from 3D Adept Magazine.


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