OEMs and foundries are optimizing their products and business models with binder jet additive manufacturing technology from ExOne. By 3D printing molds and cores, castings with complex designs are delivered with fast turnarounds while saving money on patterns, tooling, and labor. 

We've compiled a list of some of the many benefits of sand 3D printing for foundry operations - download the complete tip sheet to learn more.


  • Speed: Reduce delivery times
  • Design Freedom: Optimize final parts and mold package design
  • Less Labor Required: Do more with less
  • Rapid Iterations: Change designs without a cost penalty
  • Agile, Cost-Effective Production: Win new business with flexible manufacturing
  • Streamline Production: Complexity and dimensional accuracy lowers overall costs
  • Reduce Scrap: High-quality 3D printed molds and cores produce high-quality castings
  • Localize Manufacturing: Production when and where it's needed 
  • Advance Lightweighting: Produce topology optimized parts
  • Eliminate Patterns and Core Boxes: Replace physical inventory with digital storage 

Sand 3D Printing Solutions for Every Foundry

The S-Max family of sand 3D printers features a range of binder jetting systems to fit a the of footprint, production needs, and budget of every foundry.

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