State-of-the-Art Metal 3D Printing Adoption Center in Europe

ExOne Adoption Center 

New 270mfacility offers end-to-end binder jetting adoption services

The mission of ExOne’s Adoption Centers, with locations in the U.S., Germany, and Japan, is to allow customers to try binder jet 3D printing for their designs before they decide to buy an additive manufacturing system for their own production.

Expanding ExOne’s longtime Adoption Center in Europe, which 3D prints sand molds and cores for metalcasting customers, the new metal capabilities offer manufacturers end-to-end engineering services for direct-metal binder jet 3D printing, including benchmarks, design support, and materials, process, and work cell development. The center features two Innovent+® printers with a X1 25Pro®, X1 Metal DesignlabTM and X1FTM furnace arriving soon, right next to the production line of the X1 160ProTM, the world’s largest metal binder jetting system

“Now, manufacturers throughout Europe can benefit from locally produced binder jetted metal designs and benchmarks along with world-class engineering consultation and support,” said John Hartner, ExOne’s CEO. “We encourage manufacturers to take advantage of the high speed, low cost, and industry-leading quality that our patented binder jetting technology can deliver for even the most complex designs.”

“Our centralized location outside of Munich gives manufacturers the opportunity to see metal binder jetting in action and work closely with our expanded metal team on precision metal parts projects,” said Eric Bader, Managing Director, ExOne GmbH. “This expansion is supported by increased interest in metal binder jetting in Europe as the technology matures.”

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