Free operators from having to fill machines for each new job and automatically supply liquids to multiple machines from one efficient source to streamline your binder jetting operations.

​Fluidmatic v3 is a system for the automatic supply of liquid binder and cleaner to ExOne sand binder jetting systems. Fluidmatic automatically pumps liquids from external IBC tanks to fill the fluid cabinet of the 3D printer while waste is also automatically emptied into a third tank for disposal. One Fluidmatic supports up to four 3D printing systems (with a compatibility kit for each machine).



  • Reduce labor without having to fill liquids for each new job
  • ​Optimize consumable costs and minimize waste by sourcing in bulk amounts rather than purchasing, and disposing of, individual canisters
  • ​Improve printing reliability with automated dosing and easy maintenance
  • ​Support health & safety regulations by minimizing employee contact with liquid solvents
  • ​Fast return on investment (ROI) with savings on consumables, labor, and logistics



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