Desanding Station

In the future, the S-Max and S-Max Pro printers will make the 3D printing of cores and molds significantly more agile and therefore smarter. This is all possible thanks to a semi-automatic desanding station for your jobbox: the technological solution that significantly accelerates the jobbox desanding process. The desanding station can be installed and retrofitted efficiently on all S-Max and S-Max Pro models.

You will benefit from a desanding process that is up to 50 % faster – right from the very first printing process. For foundries, the machine tool industry, suppliers to the automotive sector or pump manufacturers, this means a significant reduction of staff hours over the course of a year – thereby freeing up resources and expertise that can be deployed elsewhere in the company.


Added Value

  • Quickly desand the jobbox thanks to partial automation
  • Reduce time and costs spent depowdering parts
  • Efficiently use your jobbox by keeping it ready for use
  • Lighten workload of system operator
  • Intuitive operation simplifies material recycling
  • Helps keep your production environment clean


  • FB001 (Furan) or FB201 (CHP) binders in combination with:
    • Standard sand types FS001, FS003
    • Cerabeads® sand types


  • With platform L 3,488 × W 3,337 × H 1,298 mm (L 137.3 × W 131.4 × H 51.1 in)
  • Without platform L 2,180 × W 1,767 × H 1,298 mm (L 85.8 × W 69.6 × H 51.1 in)
  • Piping standard 5 m (196.8 in)
  • Steps and safety bars for safety in manufacturing
  • Additional dust removal integrated in the funnels



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