Top-Class Guests at the European Headquarters of ExOne

November 21, 2017

Top-Class Guests at the European Headquarters of ExOne

Head of the District Authority Dr. Martin Seiler hosts entrepreneur evening in Gersthofen

In the context of the entrepreneur evening the Head of the District Authority Dr. Martin Seiler invited leading figures active in the fields of economy and politics to the ExOne location in Gersthofen. Nearly 100 guests took the opportunity to get an insight into the company, its relevance to the 3D printing market and dealing with digitalization, presented by Managing director Eric Bader. The following presentation of Christoph Kunz, Head of Portfolio Management, Siemens, explained that digitalization affects every profession and medium-sized enterprises have to deal with this topic as well to remain competitive. „I see many familiar faces of companies I have regularly visited before. Digitalization will remain a central issue for the next years and it is very important to the District of Augsburg to get its small and medium sized enterprises into shape for industry 4.0. I am therefore extremely pleased that many guests have made a long journey to benefit from a regional networking event.

On the subsequent tour of the factory, ExOne experts explained the production process, starting from putting together a job (placing parts into the building space), followed by the printing process and through to the different sand and binder types and its applications.Juggling balls were turned into drops of binder to simulate its flight path. Piled note pads helped to illustrate the design of layer by layer printing.

Our subject matter experts Markus Sicker, ExOne Academy and Thomas Frank, Head of Customer Application Team, described the challenging aspects of preparing a job in a competent and intelligible manner.

ExOne thanks all guests for coming and the enormous interest in our technology.