COVID-19 Response: Rapid 3D Printed Parts and Services

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ExOne has five global facilities that regularly produces mission-critical parts for the aerospace, defense, energy and other critical infrastructure industries.

Our binder jet 3D printing technology rapidly transforms metal powders — including metals, ceramics, composites and sand — into precision parts, metalcasting molds and cores, and innovative tooling solutions.

In support of this crisis, we are producing many critical parts and have the capacity to produce more:

  • valves and pump castings
  • ceramic metal filtration components
  • injection mold tooling for rapid production of plastic parts
  • other metallic and ceramic components of many shapes and sizes


Even if you do not have a critical parts need directly related to this crisis, we encourage manufacturers to think ahead about how to prepare for a supply chain disruption using 3D printing.

Please contact us for assistance preparing your design files for 3D printing and qualifying your part in advance of a crisis.

At ExOne, we're proud to be helping customers, supporting critical COVID-19 response needs.

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