Impressive Art

June 28, 2017

Impressive Art

On June 1, 2017 the Goethe Elementary School in Gersthofen celebrated its 50th anniversary. ExOne, global supplier of 3D printing systems, sponsored a 3D sand printed Goethe bust together with the start-up company Sandhelden, well known for their unique bath furniture.

Within the two-hour ceremony the extraordinary present was handed over to principal Irmgard Frank by two special guests. Alex Connor, former student and today’s employee in the ExOne Proces Development in Gersthofen and Gersthofen mayor Michael Wörle had been given the honor.
At the ceremonial presentation the mayor emphasized: “This must be the case, there is no need for color.”

3D sand printing is mainly used in prototyping. Here, the model is printed layer by layer directly from the CAD file. Afterwards, it is being unpacked from the build box and infiltrated.

The infiltration – the permanent hardening – was processed by Laurens Faure and Peter Schiffner from Sandhelden. Peter Schiffner, who also attended the ceremonial presentation of the bust, added: “We are very happy to support this kind of projects with creativity and technology.”

The two young businessmen demonstrate this creativity with their bath furniture, where you will not find boring ceramics off the shelf. The stylish lavatories and bath tubs are produced with the 3D printing process, like the Goethe bust. With their products, Sandhelden proof that individuality has not to be prohibitive.

With the Goethe bust, ExOne and Sandhelden proofed that sand cores can definitely last forever.