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ExOne industrial 3D printers are designed to manage more complicated designs, develop complex parts and serve diverse applications. With the purchase of a sand or metal industrial 3D printer, our customers have the full partnership and support of our skilled technicians and consultants.

Introducing X1 25PRO™

The latest innovation in metal 3D binder jet printing from ExOne. Increased build size and volumetric output are designed to match larger production scales with consistency. The X1 25PRO™ is designed to leverage innovative materials with improved green strength.

X1 25PRO System Detail

Introducing the S-Max Pro™

The S-Max Pro impresses with its speed, reliability and precision - whether in prototyping or in industrial series production. The S-Max Pro is the solution to the production of complex parts made of various casting materials for the 3D sand printing of the digital foundry of tomorrow.

S-Max Pro System Detail