3D Printing Binders

ExOne® binders are central to the printing process. The type of binder used depends on the type of powder or system that is being used, or customer application requirements.

Furan Binder

Furan binder is a typical no-bake binder found in traditional sand casting applications, and therefore no foundry changes are required to utilize this binder material. Printed cores are  immediately available for casting with no heat required.

Phenolic Binder

Utilized for printing sand molds and cores, phenolic binder is the best suited for high temperature pouring of castings. Very thin walls or thin pipes can easily be printed, due to the high heat strength of the core. Parts are easily cured using microwave technology.

Silicate Binder

ExOne offers an innovative environmentally-friendly option, with a binder based on silicate for printing sand molds and cores. Using this binder for printing results in low gas emissions during the casting process. Parts are easily cured using microwave technology.

Aqueous-Based Binder

Many of our directly printed materials (primarily metals) utilize a proprietary aqueous-based binder, which acts as an adhesive, bonding layers of powdered metal together. Once the parts are printed, they are placed into a furnace and the binder is burned out of the parts while powder particles fuse together in a sintering operation.

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