“ExOne welcomes all of the attention new competitors are bringing into the binder jet 3D printing space we commercialized in 1998. Together, Desktop Metal, HP and GE are helping to drive awareness of the incredible speed, reduced costs, sustainability and innovation benefits that binder jet 3D printing has to offer manufacturers. 

The X1 25Pro metal 3D printer, right, has begun shipping to customers and is successfully being used. The X1 160Pro production metal 3D printer is in production now.
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Today, ExOne’s production metal binder jetting systems are in use and gaining momentum in the marketplace. That includes several X1 25Pro production systems, launched just a year ago.  Meanwhile, our new X1 160Pro, the tenth and largest metal binder jetting system in our portfolio, is in production now and will be shipping before year end to customers in a diverse range of industries. 

We are extremely optimistic about the growth prospects for 3D printing, and binder jetting overall. Our long experience in this sector, and ongoing work with customers adopting binder jetting for production applications, suggests that an industry CAGR of 25-30% is absolutely within reach.

The ExOne team is also confident that we will remain the market leaders in the segment by continuing to innovate, advance the machine and materials technology, and partner with our customers. In 2019, we had revenues of more than $53 million, with a backlog in excess of $38 million as of June 30, 2020, and our business has a strong foundation of global customers generating recurring revenue.

What’s more, our proven binder jet systems currently 3D print more than 20 materials, with single-alloy metals making up half of our lineup. With exciting materials such as aluminum fast-tracked for qualification, we believe binder jetting will transform the face of production manufacturing of metal, making it faster, smarter and more sustainable.” 

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