Defense & Firearms Parts

Additive manufacturing helps firearms companies drive innovation forward with reduced lead times and costs for prototypes.  Metal 3D printers develop parts with precision, few imperfections when compared to parts made with legacy equipment, and appropriate tensile strength, yield strength, heat resistance and corrosion resistance.

3D Printing Custom Components for Firearms Allows Manufacturers to be Flexible and Economical

With ExOne® metal 3D printers you can print metal parts for firearms in small batch runs with lower manufacturing costs than traditional methods. ExOne printing technology can be leveraged to create intricate or detailed pieces including, hammers, trigger systems, back plate covers, recoil spring plugs and more with precision.

Rapid prototyping using 3D printing allows firearms manufacturers to cut down lead time in product development. Metal 3D printed parts also lower the risk of trial and error since prototypes are more cost-effective and product revisions are easily made and printed with adjustments to the design file. Whether you’re printing custom parts for production or want to prototype a new design, ExOne has solutions for the firearms industry.

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