Build volume (l x w x h)
31.5 x 19.7 x 15.8 in.
(800 x 500 x 400 mm)
Volume  6 ft³ (160 L)
Build speed ~60 seconds/layer (material dependent)
Layer thickness 150 µm
Print resolution X/Y 0.003 in. (63.5 μm), Z 0.006 (150 μm)
External dimensions (l x w x h)
66 x 55 x 73 in.
(1675 x 1400 x 1855 mm)
Weight 2,249 lbs (1020 kg)
Electrical requirements M-Print
208V-240V / 3 phases
Data interface STL, CLI, SLC

M-Print Industrial Production 3D Printer

Industrial grade scale and flexibility in metal.

The M-Print 3D printer is ideally suited for larger parts and for larger volumes of parts, resulting in improved reaction time and productivity throughout the entire manufacturing process chain. The M-Print™ system is the largest ExOne metal printer available, and is used in the automobile, aerospace, heavy equipment and energy industries for prototype and short run production.

The ExOne® Binder Jetting process allows for improved and organic designs, reduced part weight, superior wear characteristics and geometric complexity impossible to achieve any other way.

M-PrintTM Features

Production grade system enables larger parts and larger volumes of parts

    • Industrial Grade 3D Printer

      Largest build size for metal printing
      On-demand material management system
      Proven printhead technology for precise dosing of binding agent
      • Simplifies Your Operations

        Simple user interface
        No support structures
        • Industry Grade Materials

          Print in stainless steel
          Functional parts with superior wear characteristics
          • High Productivity

            Flexible job box can print one prototype or short runs of multiple and/or custom parts
            Changes can be made quickly
            • Suited for Complex Geometry

              Greater design freedom

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