Metal Injection Molding (MIM)

Create 3D printed MIM parts with metal printing systems from ExOne®. Ideal for complex or low-run series production, as well as prototyping designs, metal 3D printing complements MiM production lines, enhancing design flexibility and reducing lead time.

3D printed injection molds and prototypes improve manufacturing processes

Quick, innovative and cost-effective, 3D printing molds for injection molding speeds up product development and allows manufacturers additional options to present to their client base. When able to fill the gap between traditional methods and future complexities through 3D printing, our clients in metal injection molding are poised to capitalize on new growth opportunities.


As a result of ExOne’s additive manufacturing expertise in the delivery of these samples, MiMtechnik was able to close an annual order for 600,000 fasteners, which is to be increased to 1.2 million in subsequent years.
With regard to future 3D printing applications at MiMtechnik, Dr. Andreas Baumann, Technical Leader at MiMtechnik, replied, “Definitely yes. Before starting a MIM project we offer our customers to test MIM like prototypes made by this innovative shaping technology. “Customers can benefit from the shortest lead time without tooling costs by having similar material properties in sintered components.”

Dr. Andreas Baumann, Technical Leader at MiMtechnik

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