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ExOne® 3D metal printers make it easy to bring medical prototypes and tooling to life. From direct printing metal molds for dental tooling to engineering and printing new prosthetics and other non-invasive medical devices on the ground in impoverished nations, metal 3D printers bring to life ideas that enhance the everyday lives of many around the globe.

3D Metal Printers Make Customized Prosthetics, Dental Tooling and Innovative Materials Economical and Accessible

The ability to easily implement design changes and customization with 3D printing has led to its application in the manufacture of prosthetics which require easily adaptable design modifications and prototype iterations. It can be leveraged in other non-invasive medical and dental applications as well, including the printing of metal molds for tooling and the direct printing of other small parts. Through 3D printing, ExOne customers involved in medical and dental manufacturing have realized significant reductions in cost, while enjoying the benefits of design freedom that arise when developing a product directly from an easily manipulated digital file. Plus, 3D printing’s production efficiency leads to reliable, consistent delivery schedules for our customers.

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