The client was in need of replacement parts for the top section of a Weber 40 DFI-6 carburetor for a vintage 1969 Ferrari 365 GT 2+2 V-12 engine. The original carburetor had stripped threads and was leaking fuel. The client owns a maintenance and restoration business for vintage automobiles and had searched for quite some time for replacement parts before turning to HV3DWorks LLC.


The customer sent the original carburetor top to serve as a design guide. The part was  modeled and initially produced in plastic to confirm fit and finalize the design. Once the design was approved, the parts were produced in 316 Stainless Steel infiltrated with bronze using ExOne’s metal 3D binder jetting technology. 


ExOne’s ability to produce high-quality components directly from design files significantly minimized production time, allowing HV3DWorks to meet the customers’ deadline. The 316 Stainless Steel infiltrated with bronze was an ideal material choice. 



• Part: Weber 40 DFI-6 carburetor top for 1969 Ferrari 365 GT 2+2 V-12 engine

• Process: Binder jet 3D printing on an ExOne M-Flex 3D metal printer

• Material: 316 Stainless Steel infiltrated with bronze


• Production Time: 12 Weeks, including CAD design, 3D metal printing and post-production impregnation and thread clean-up

• Original Part Price: $2,500

• 3D Printing Cost Savings: $1,300

• Performance Benefit: 3D printed pieces have good strength and durability

• Design not possible with traditional manufacturing methods

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