Improved part quality while reducing waste

ExOne® has produced 3D printed metal filter components for strainers and metallic filter applications. Strainers are often exposed to abrasive solutions which can shorten part life, and traditionally are welded multi-piece assemblies. By 3D printing strainer plates, manufacturers are able to take advantage of the increased wear characteristics of ExOne® materials, and the ability to create parts in a single piece, eliminating waste and improving part quality and efficiency. Manufacturers of metallic filters are exploring the possibilities with 3D printing for filtration of gas, liquids and solids; fluid flow metering and pressure control; sound dampening and particle separation. Sintered metallic filters offer shape stability and stable pore shape. By 3D printing these filters, manufacturers can realize no additional cost for complexity, a new dimension of design freedom and flexibility in powder size (porosity). This benefits industries from mining and oil and gas production to water treatment, venting and petrochemical.


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