3D Printed Sand Vacuum Forming Tooling Proves Durability in Production

ExOne Case Study

Original Appearance Manufacturing get products to market faster with cost-effective, precise, and durable rapid 3D printed sand tooling

In the world of consumer products, speed is the name of the game. The faster products get to market, the faster they can be purchased by consumers. And in the world of aftermarket products with a focus on maintaining a true-to-factory-appearance, product quality is a must. That’s why Original Appearance Manufacturing turned to ExOne 3D printed tooling for their thermoforming tools after traditional tooling methods proved to be unsustainable for the business.

Download the case study to learn more and see the results of OAM's durability study, tracking the performance of their 3D printed sand tool at increasing intervals of production pulls.

"This is a gamechanger for the industry. Our product launch times are an order of magnitude faster than we could have ever dreamed of before” 

Zach Kowalik
CEO and Co-Founder, OAM

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