Benefits of Binder Jetting & Additive Manufacturing

Distinct advantages for ExOne® technology include design freedom and no tooling or build plates required.

ExOne® Binder Jetting offers part complexity not possible with traditional molds, cores and conventional machining approaches. Design modifications can be made on the CAD file in seconds and reprinted without complicated and expensive tooling changes. Support structures, build plates or tool paths are not required. Since multiple unique parts can be built in a single print bed, ExOne® technology offers an effective, short turn-around time. With a high print speed and endless patterns and part geometry, ExOne is your optimal choice for printing cost-effective, customized parts using industrial-grade materials.

Additional benefits include:
  • part complexity is free of charge
  • endless patterns and part geometry
  • use of industrial grade materials
  • the digital process offers design freedoms not possible in traditional molds, cores and traditional machining approaches
  • large build volumes
  • high print speed
  • multiple different parts can be built in a single print bed
  • parts can be modified on the CAD file in seconds, and reprinted without complicated tooling changes
  • no support structures needed
  • no build plate required
  • no tool path required

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