Heavy Equipment & Machinery

Durable parts that hold up to industry standards.

Parts used in heavy equipment require industrial-grade materials and parts that will stand up to hard use. Pressure for innovation, increased efficiencies and reduced lead times are driving design engineers and plant managers to utilize 3D printing for the benefits of significant time and cost savings, as well as the ability to create comparable heavy-duty components with the advantages of flexible design.

Major heavy equipment manufacturers are already integrating the ExOne® binder jetting process. The large build volume and fast build rate combine to make patternless production a reality for metal-based prototype castings and low volume production in aluminum and copper alloys, gray and ductile iron and magnesium. 
Standard foundry industry materials are used which enables easy integration of the process into existing manufacturing and foundry procedures. Potential for human error is high in traditional manufacturing methods. 3D Printing can lower the potential for human error and reduce the scrap rate.

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