Foundries & Pattern Shops

Expanding capabilities to meet increasing customer demands.

ExOne partners with foundries and pattern shops to expand their business model by integrating 3D printing technology for prototype and low-volume production of sand molds and cores for castings. The ability to cast traditional metals for industry, such as light metals, non-ferrous metals, cast iron and steel, as well as print with foundry-friendly materials for sand molds and cores, means no foundry changes are required. Pattern shops can take design files (the pattern in this case) and translate them into finished products with ExOne® systems and services, and eliminate the need for storage. Foundries and pattern shops have been able to achieve more complex designs for their customers, eliminate errors, and streamline operations thanks to fast turnaround time for printed molds and cores. Customer needs can be met with agility and ease, even for legacy parts where patterns no longer exist.
ExOne Casting

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