Diverse printing applications.

ExOne has partnered with many customers in the energy sector for 3D printing applications used in oil and gas drilling, mining and renewable energy sources. By binder jetting with ExOne® materials, in particular the 420 stainless steel / bronze metal matrix, energy companies have produced parts which have demonstrated drastically increased wear resistance in the field. Multi-piece assemblies can be recreated in one piece through 3D printing and more efficient designs can be achieved, without the limitations of traditional manufacturing processes.

Across the energy sector, printed sand molds and cores are used extensively to achieve high-quality castings with increased stability and superior hydraulic balance. Regardless of size or complexity, ExOne provides the fastest and most cost-effective way to produce impeller cores and volute shapes for prototyping, replacements parts, and low volume production using foundry materials. The time and cost to produce tooling is eliminated.  Design changes are easily accommodated by simply changing the CAD model and reprinting the core(s).  The process can be used to print an entire mold package, or just the cores (where the cope and drag are produced conventionally, and the printed cores are placed into the mold package). This “hybrid” approach is used when the cores are complex, eliminating the need for a core box. Molds can also be printed in segments allowing large scale castings to be made that are not limited to the size of the build box.

Ritz Pump Sand Core

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