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Colleges and Universities

ExOne provides universities and colleges with a unique selection of 3D Printers that allow students to gain experience in research and workforce skill development. 

Across many universities, students work with professors to explore the process of additive manufacturing. The University of Louisville is giving its students opportunities to explore the pros and cons of 3D printing. Their students create benchmark parts using CAD files with a variety of features. Then, they fabricate those parts using various processes in which they evaluate the geometric accuracy, size limitation, and material capabilities. 

University of Northern Iowa is working to bring together education, research, and industry. The university currently houses the world’s leading Metal Casting technology program. Students gain experience working with the manufacturing industry to explore mold and core processes. At the university’s Metal Casting Center, students have access to the ExOne® S-Max™ system that provides them opportunities to work with a wide range of industries. The University of Northern Iowa is a member of America Makes, where they have received high marks for quality and industry interaction. 

University of Texas at El Paso is also providing students with hands-on experience in additive manufacturing.  Dr. Ryan Wicker, professor of mechanical engineering, conducted courses in additive manufacturing technologies including the ExOne® binder jetting technology. UTEP’s state of the art 3D printing canter, the W.M. Keck Center for 3D Innovation brings over 1,000 visitors from a variety of backgrounds. Visitors can explore the center, view parts fabricated by ExOne® technology, and see an overview of the printing process.

 High Schools / STEM Education

ExOne is committed to growing awareness of the possibly of 3D printing and STEM education. To expand their commitment, ExOne has begun to reach out to high schools through two growing programs: BotsIQ and 3Du toolbox.

BotsIQ is a STEM program that brings students from various school districts together to compete with battle robots. Participating schools have partnered with ExOne to introduce students to new design possibilities with 3D Printing. Norwin School District students develop parts for battle bots that are printed at the ExOne Mid-Atlantic Production Service Center in North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. As part of the program, students visit the ExOne facility to learn about the printing process and participate in printing their parts. The Ringgold Rammers are also developing 3D printed bot parts and weapons, with the help of ExOne. Students visited the local facility and received advice on part design and project management. 

ExOne is developing the 3DuTM toolbox for universities and school districts. The toolbox is an education supplement that provides teachers materials to demonstrate to students the additive manufacturing process with a focus on binder jetting. It allows students to see how the process works while illustrating the benefits. 

ExOne Student Visit
ExOne Student Visit

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