Carl Bass Bowl

Decorative / Art

Infinite design freedom.

ExOne partners with industrial distributors of art and decorative products, such as plumbing fixture and decorative hardware manufacturers, 3D printing service bureaus and major online retailers to produce custom finished products that fuse imagination and technology. ExOne® technology removes traditional manufacturing constraints, offering industrial designers and artists virtually unlimited design freedom. Creations that would be impossible or too expensive to produce with traditional methods can be achieved quickly and economically through metal 3D printing or printed sand molds for casting. The technology is ideal for small quantities, multiple individually customized items, or even a single piece.

ExOne customers frequently utilize our Production Service Centers to print creations ranging from freeform art and sculpture, to jewelry, collectible trinkets, unique consumer products and decorative items for home interior and hospitality markets.

3D printed products in the ExOne® signature 420 Stainless Steel / Bronze alloy are offered with an array of finishes. Hand polishing and anti-corrosion treatments are also available.
Consumer Trinkets

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