Accurate parts with increased performance.

For pump applications, ExOne has dramatically improved hydraulic balancing of impeller castings and produced quick turnaround times for one-off castings and 3D printed metal components. Concurrent iterations can be achieved in a matter of weeks. Additive manufacturing is also the ideal application for reverse engineering of legacy pump components and reduces the need for physical warehouse space for patterns, since data files can be stored on a hard drive.

The ExOne® process helps customers in the pumping industry produce castings for prototyping, replacement impellers, volute shapes and rotating parts, by printing entire mold packages or as part of a “hybrid” approach to print just the cores.
By creating these types of molds and cores through an additive process, ExOne significantly reduces the time and cost required to rapidly produce castings. When compared to traditional pattern manufacturing process, delivery of mold packages to the foundry is measured in days versus months.  In addition, customers have experienced parts that have shown to yield additional benefits, such as improved impeller core accuracy, superior blade registration, better hydraulic performance and ease of dynamic balance.

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