ExOne Application
Which application?
  • Castings


    Increased uniformity and improved accuracy.

    ExOne has made significant investment into its 3D printing technology for the manufacture of sand molds and cores to provide a cost-effective and time-reducing alternative to traditional methods for creating prototype and low-volume castings. Metal castings are universally used for industrial, military and consumer products and are increasingly being evaluated for cost-effective applications in new product development programs.

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  • Filtration


    A new dimension of design freedom and flexibility in powder size.

    ExOne has produced 3D printed metal filter components for strainers and metallic filter applications. Strainers are often exposed to abrasive solutions which can shorten part life, and traditionally are welded multi-piece assemblies. By 3D printing strainer plates, manufacturers are able to take advantage of the increased wear characteristics of ExOne materials, and the ability to create parts in a single piece, eliminating waste and improving part quality and efficiency.

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  • Pumps


    Concurrent iterations can be achieved in a matter of weeks.

    For pump applications, ExOne has dramatically improved hydraulic balancing of impeller castings and produced quick turnaround times for one-off castings and 3D printed metal components. Concurrent iterations can be achieved in a matter of weeks. Additive manufacturing is also the ideal application for reverse engineering of legacy pump components and reduces the need for physical warehouse space for patterns, since data files can be stored on a hard drive.

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  • Other Applications

    Other Applications

     From kitchen  fittings to prosthetics

    The ability to easily implement design changes and customization with 3D Printing has led to its application in the manufacture of prosthetics which require easily adaptable design modifications and prototype iterations. ExOne customers have realized significant reduction in costs, the benefits of freedom of design and consistent delivery schedules.

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